Saturday, July 30, 2011

Decepticons identified

Yep, they sit in Karnataka- the mining mafia. And everyone is in it. Everyone elected that is.

Other news- will the US government raise debt ceiling.  Considering the decepticon infiltration, does look like it.
So stocks should stabilize......perhaps move up. Tracking Apple, Priceline, Expedia among others for now.
How about that explosive dollar rally (in secular bear market)?

I had written earlier on a worm in the apple...I have to admit I had to eat it.  I went long and made some cash but indeed you are better off buying the stock than the product (Iphone, Ipad).

The recent 50 basis hike by RBI is considered by all to be overboard and perhaps rightly so. The learning? Plunk your assets in liquid funds / fixed maturity. Looks like the only game in town.

Are you focusing on the right stocks? There are indeed a few out there. Few. Anyone clued in the Bata story ? Write in !
For now Sun Pharma, Petronet LNG, SETCO, Tata Coffee, ITC have caught my eye. Been a fan of Indraprastha for a long, long time. Fortunately it has yielded results, more than just gas.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Decepticons are here !

Yes they are here- the Decepticons.

They are the billionaires who control us. Hand in glove with your elected leaders. No, you are not free. Even if you are NOT a Greek, Irish, Portuguese or Spanish.

Infact if you live in a democracy you have been deceived. Your leaders have made their pact with the Decepticons. You have been sold out.

What is the stake? How to make you work for them. How to make you build their world.
So the fight is how the Decepticons pull money out of the government.....or what you think is your government.

There is no 'Transformer' around to help you.