Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Goldman Sachs is at it Again

Barroso José Manuel

More than 75,000 people have signed their names to a petition protesting against the appointment of former European Union leader José Manuel Barroso to the investment bank Goldman Sachs. The outrage demonstrates what I have warned about — the peak in public confidence in government and banks is now in place. Goldman Sachs has gone too far. This move is being called “irresponsible” and “morally reprehensible.” This is all about buying influence. NO former politician is worth their weight in peanuts, no less money. Before he joined the commission, Barroso also served as Portugal’s Prime Minister from 2002-2004.
Proprietary Trading 31.4 Years
This all began in 1981 when PHIBRO, the company that made the money from the commodity rally into 1980, took over Wall Street by buying the biggest bond house, Salomon Brothers. By 1991, the first scandal erupted as the commodity boys took over Wall Street and brought their manipulations to the world of finance. Goldman Sachs took over J.Aaron, a commodity house from which Lyod Blankfein began, a few months later. It was 31.4 years from that first step to the demise that required the biggest bailout in history to save their ass. When Salomon Brothers was being shut down for manipulating the Treasury bond market, Goldman Sachs realized that they too could be on the ropes.

Goldman Sachs bought the Clintons and stuffed in Robert Rubin as the 70th Treasury Secretary from January 11, 1995 – July 2, 1999, just long enough to get Glass-Steagall repealed, and then Rubin left with the ability to sell all his stock tax-free. Next came Hank Paulson who became the 74th US Secretary of Treasury under George Bush from July 10, 2006 – January 20, 2009. Paulson made sure that Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers collapsed to reduce the competition for Goldman Sachs. Paulson claimed he lacked the authority, but the next day he bailed out an insurance company, AIG, because they would default on Goldman Sachs even though the office writing the insurance was in London, not even the United States.

Goldman Sachs has hired top politicians for influence. They offer nothing from an economic perspective. So this latest hire of Barroso is right in line. What is fascinating is the tide has turned. Goldman Sachs has become the real evil empire. So while people keep talking about Rothschilds and Morgan, these may be deliberate diversions to distract people from the real mover and shaker — Goldman Sachs.

Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning

CRITICISM: The Computer has no bias or imput?
Which is impossible: a computer needs information or facts to make decisions. Unfortunately, ‘facts’ are often skewed by humans for personal or political purposes. Saying such, however, is to your advantage. If the computer is wrong, you are guiltless. If correct, you benefit as the creator of the computer. Any frequent reader of your knows that you predict every outcome and can always point to a successful one.
REPLY: You completely fail to grasp the difference between AI and standard analysis. If there were ANY human input, then I might as well retire and say you are on your own, thanks for the good times. You assume “facts” are based on human analysis and selection of what events to put in and leave out. That can never be a valid model. People act in anticipation of events before they happen. So just how do you create a fundamental input of mights and maybes?
By stepping back and allowing the computer to analyze, I have learned far more from it than I could teach the computer.
Personally, I have had a good nose for trading. But I am not infallible because I am human. Whenever I have thought something might happen, it is the computer who is correct. The computer has proven me wrong plenty of times.
Any errors I make are confined to interpretation, but your comment proves a point I have long made. There is absolutely no way everyone would ever follow the model. There will always be people who disagree for a host of reasons.
Beyond AI
Artificial intelligence has taken a giant leap forward into cognitive machine learning. We are well beyond the simplistic computer programs that were expert systems masquerading as AI.
We have crossed that threshold and embarked on a journey of creating computers that can self-generate. It can adapt and learn like a child.
Your skepticism reveals you fail to understand the advances in technology all around you. Even Google learns what you like and tailors advertisements targeted to your interests.
If any human input were skewing fundamentals, it would be worthless. I could never quit under such circumstances. Sorry, we have great supporters who understand what this journey is all about. Then we have those who really despise whatever I do because it upsets their comfortable vision of the world and how that should work.
The only reason the computer tends to be more right than wrong is rather simplistic. When you are tracking the entire world, if you are right one on segment, you have to be right across the board. Everything is connected. Sorry that you cannot see that.
Open your eyes. AI is taking over everything and I would rather have a computer analyze my symptoms than a doctor any day. Computers do not make mistakes — humans do.
Good luck.

How Socialism Destroyed the Family Structure

Socialism Marxism
The very core tenet of Marxism and its two versions called socialism and communism is to actually replace the family structure. In Russian communism, Stalin was paranoid about any possible resistance. Children were taught that the state was their parent instead of their biological parents, and if those creatures spoke anything against the state then the children should report them. Karl Marx’s view on religion also explains his view of family. “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.
The lofty idea of socialism is appealing to many, but they never talk about what lies before the slogan and surface. The reason I say socialism is collapsing, not capitalism, is rather simple. We do not live under capitalism for that is what existed before socialism’s introduction with, actually, the Republican, Teddy Roosevelt. What enraged Marx so much was the British system of Long Lease keeping the property in the family for generations. This is why so many people fled to America after hearing that it was the American Dream to own your own home. Marx was against the ownership of property outright under communism, whereas under socialism you could own your own property but you were taxed and regulated at every step of the way.
Under Canon Law of the Catholic Church, there was a substantial difference compared to English Common Law, which was manipulated for the benefit of the king. The stark difference between the two strikes very deep into the heart of family structure. Once upon a time, a spouse could not be compelled to testify against their partner. Over the years, the government cannot stop pursuing its own self-interest so the “right” not to be compelled to testify against your spouse has been watered down to only a “privilege,” which then allows government to create exceptions.
It is Federal Rule of Evidence 501 that governs these “privileges” that are not rights and they apply ONLY in a criminal case. Therefore, Rule 501 on Privilege in General is limited to the English common law “as interpreted by United States courts in the light of reason and experience” and that covers “specific non-constitutional privileges which the federal courts must recognize (i.e. required reports, lawyer-client, psychotherapist-patient, husband-wife, communications to clergymen, political vote, trade secrets, secrets of state and other official information, and identity of informer).” Note that there is no “privilege” for children who can be imprisoned on contempt of court if they refuse to testify against a parent in any matter. Child abuse is a special exception where one spouse can be compelled to testify against the other.
In 1983, American Bar Association-Criminal Justice Section created a draft a model to argue for the establishment of a parent-child privilege statute in hopes of protecting the immediate family unit. This decision was based on the concern that prosecutors were forcing children to testify against their parents before grand juries and at trials. This is very fundamental that if your children can be compelled to testify against you, then this keeps a separation between members of a family. Can you imagine forcing a child to testify where their father hid his gold? There is still no child privilege in American law illustrating there is still no respect for the core family structure, which classifies the United States in the same class as a totalitarian state with some of the worse dictators in history. The American Bar Association failed to move Congress to protect the American family. The state must ALWAYS come before the family as in Stalin’s communist world.
Article 248 of the French Civil Code states boldly: “No one can be summoned as a witness if he is a blood relation, or a relative by marriage in direct line, or husband and wife of one of the parties, even although divorced.” (C. PR. civ. art. 248, § 336 (G. Koch trans. 1963)). The relations included under Article 248: father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, brothers, sisters, brothers- and sisters-in-law, and the husband or wife of the accused, even if divorced. The law of West Germany has a similar provision that prevents what the Germans call unbefugt, or unauthorized disclosure (See ZPO § 52(3) (H. Niebler trans. 1965)). Swedish law also embodies a parent-child privilege as well (SWED. CODE JUD. P. ch. 36, § 3 (A. Bruzelius & R. Ginsburg trans. 1967)). A divorced spouse has the privilege under American law, but only for the period of the marriage, not before or after. Now you might ask why this is important since it only involves criminals. Don’t forget, we all commit three felonies a day and hiding your money, not paying taxes, and lying to any government officer is all “criminal” so we need not be concerned only with drug dealers, rapists, and murderers. A 13 year-old was arrested for trying to buy lunch in school with a $2 bill that the school never saw and neither did the police. It was genuine. You can be arrested to buying something with a counterfeit bill you didn’t know was counterfeit.
The law of Continental Europe emerged from the Catholic Church and canon law. The English common law departed from the Catholic Church and became all about the king, not family or God. The prevailing legal view under the civil law countries of Western Europe has been that no person will ever be forced to testify on confidences between any member and another family member. This historical overview stems from Roman law that the family unit was sacred. The very idea has complete immunity from compelled testimony existed for approximately 3,500 years and in Roman times included all household members including slaves.
Throughout history, such testimonial family immunity, including parent-child, are conspicuously absent in totalitarian regimes. Nazi Germany had no such privileges. Anyone could be compelled to testify against another family member. The Soviet Union had no parent-child or family type privilege. The mark of a totalitarian regime has always been the absence of any family immunity from compelled testimony about each other. The State has ALWAYS come before individuals. No family relationships are deemed private and free from the state’s intense scrutiny — NONE! This is the road down that the NSA has travelled, and under the American law there is no such family immunity from compelled testimony.
Without adoption of even a family privilege, the United States possesses the same totalitarian power to tear down the privacy of the family and turn brother against brother, child against parent, or sister against sister.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Crops fail during periods when the weather turns sharply colder - food prices rise and crops fail

Cycle of War & Climate Change – A Lethal Combination

Historically, crops fail during periods when the weather turns sharply colder. Rising food shortages coincide with rising aggression. This seems to be a link back into ancient times. The way the climate is now turning colder is in direct harmony with the war cycle. Switzerland began recording temperatures in 1864, which provide a good European database. World War I was a profound turning point for it actually brought together war, climate, and disease.
In 1916, the climate turned down dramatically when it rained extensively during the summer, snowed in June, and this trend persisted into the following year. In fact, March and April 1917 were the coldest months since 1764, based upon the Swiss data. By no means was this climate change confined to Europe. North America also witnessed crop failures that helped prices rise in addition to the war factor. It was also colder in Argentina where crops failed due to a severe drought. So in the northern hemisphere there was cold and excessive rain, and in the southern hemisphere, there were droughts and the lack of rain.
Such climate changes have been noted throughout history. The “Little Ice Age” during 1550-1850 was at the bottom on the sun energy output on its 300-year cycle, which bottomed during the mid-1700s. Then in 1816, there was also a massive drop in temperature that created a large-scale famine in Europe as a result of the Indonesian volcano eruption at Tambora, which became known as the year without a summer. This single event altered the global climate for the next two years. The sharp climate drop in 1916 was not created by a volcanic eruption, but like markets, this was a reactionary correction that created a spike low in climate.
1918 InfluenzaHospital
The 1916 spike low in climate coincided with war and made this a devastating war aside from the poison gas. This was then joined by the terrible influenza or flu pandemic of 1918 to 1919, which was the deadliest in modern history that infected an estimated 500 million people worldwide or about one-third of the entire planet’s population. It killed an estimated 20 to 50 million victims.
This pandemic began in the spring of 1917 and some sources point to troops in France as being the center of the pandemic. A significant precursor virus, harbored in birds, mutated to pigs that were kept near the front. Others place it with troops in Austria. Nevertheless, the influenza ran from mid-1917, became noticeable by January 1918, and continued into December 1920. The unusually deadly influenza pandemic shortened the overall life expectancy by 12 years. This influenza killed the strong rather than the weak since it thrived on the overreaction of the body’s immune system. The strong immune reactions of young adults fed the virus, whereas the weaker immune systems of children and middle-aged adults resulted in fewer deaths, which was very unusual.
The governments, as always, lied to the people and prevented the press from reporting on the disease. This may have contributed to the massive death toll. The governments of Germany, Britain, France, and the United States all censored and minimized early reports of illness, thereby increasing mortality. Only Spain did not do this so people assumed this was the Spanish Flu. The king of Spain, Alfonso XIII, was gravely ill but survived.
We are heading into a major change from the peak in the energy output of the sun into the next mini-Ice Age. Combined with our war cycle, this means we will see food prices rise and crops fail. We will also see the cycle on disease rise and the abuse of antibiotics may start to come back to haunt us over the next 12 years.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The divorce rate has risen with taxation.

Canadians Officially Pay More on Taxes Than Food

Broke Consumer
It’s official. Canadians now spend more on taxes than they do on food. Well, politicians have to eat first. Their kids have to be educated to rule their generation. The Fraser Institute has calculated that the average Canadian family now pays $34,154 in taxes in total, which includes all the “hidden” business taxes that are passed along in the price of goods and services. They have distinguished the visible and hidden taxes that would now equal 42.4% of the total average Canadian family income in 2015, which they have estimated at $80,593. The Fraser study estimates the average Canadian family spends $30,293 on housing, food, and clothing or about 37.6% of the family’s income. This will only get worse for politicians always know how to spend other people’s money while pretending they will someone give them more, which never materializes. In the 1930s before income tax, the woman traditionally stayed at home to raise the children because it was normal for one income to suffice to feed the family. Now it takes two incomes and the women MUST work in the average family. It is no longer possible to survive on just one income.
Marriage-Divorce 1900-2012ECM-1970-2084
The divorce rate has risen with taxation. The number one reason for divorce is always money. The divorce rate peaked in 1981 with the peak in the Economic Confidence Model that marked the peak in the last public wave. What has transpired since then was an initial decline in divorce began with the Reagan tax cuts and the same is seen in Britain with Maggie Thatcher and Canada. Now note that also marriages have declined from 10.8% in 1982 to only 6.8% by 2012. Marriage is on the decline and children are living with their parents into their 30s. Now 18 to 34-year-olds who live with their parents has reach a record high of 31.5% in 2015. The  birth rate has fallen from about 40 per thousand to only 10 per thousand from 1775 to 2000.
The bigger government grows, the lower the standard of living. But taxes are also reducing birth rates and marriages. Talk to girls under 30. The majority say they do not want to bring in children to this world.
Something is seriously wrong. But government is addicted to stealing the people’s money. That means this will not end very nicely.

Monday, August 22, 2016

May see a revolution appear in Greece by 2018.89

Is it Time for Revolution in Greece?

The Greek government is calling for full disclosure of ALL household wealth. The Greeks are to disclose everything they own — cash worldwide, jewelry, real estate, paintings, and furniture. The Greek government is totally insane and intends to exploit its population simply to remain in the euro without the simplest shred of evidence that such a measure would even benefit the country.
They are preparing to impose a compulsory levy to reduce debt owed to Brussels and Germany. This will send the Greek economy into a Fourth World order and destroy one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. There is zero chance of altering the future since the corruption of the Greek government – not the people — created this nightmare to begin with. Now the Greek population will have to pay for the fraud their government carried out with the aid of Goldman Sachs.
ECM Greece
Greece began the Sovereign Debt Crisis precisely on our model, to the day, on the Pi Cycle from the 2007 high. This was the same as 9/11, which took place, to the day, from the 1998 high in the ECM. We may see a revolution appear in Greece by 2018.89. This is getting totally insane and the government has lost all credibility of how to manage a state.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Islam II

Islam vs Christianity II

This contest between Islam and Christianity is primarily at the elite level. The bulk of those in Turkey do not support the idea of returning to the days of old. Of course, both Hitler and Napoleon dreamed about resurrecting the Roman Empire. By no means did this same dream infect the general population. These types of dreams appear to be infecting those who seek power; not the general population. Even our military elite do everything to demonize Putin to justify using what they built. It is like buying a brand new car but you never leave the showroom. To them, what’s the point if there is no enemy. So make one is their motto. There is no justification to be against Russia when it is no longer communist. So at least the bankers created Putin if not the CIA.


Police exert power over citizens for they too see evil in everyone as do judges and prosecutors when we are talking about the majority of such groups. Naturally, there are always exceptions. But this infection of power to resurrect the Ottoman Empire is clearly in the mind of  Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The average Turk has not such dream of a  caliphate reborn. The majority of the Turkish population does not support this idea.


However, the American people were also very anti-war. FDR had to go to Boston to promise he would only send arms to Britain, not troops for World War II. Boston was primarily Irish who fled here because of the British. They would not support sending their sons to war to die to the very people they fled from. The Germans in World War I even took out advertisements warning citizens not to travel on the Lusitania because the political elites in the USA were violating their declared neutrality sending arms hidden in passenger ships. When the Lusitania was sunk, that was the battle cry that the German sank a cruise ship that was an act of war.

The question is never what the general population believes, but only the elite. They will lie and do whatever it takes to further their agenda. Perhaps only about 15% of Turks would argue that restoring the Ottoman Empire would be a solution but primarily as a direct result of the declining economy. As I have explained numerous times, there is a direct correlation between economics and war. When everyone is FAT & HAPPY, war does not come. Let the economy crash and this fuels resentment that the elites fuel and exploit.

The biggest crisis in the Middle East is the declining oil price in combination with the decline in oil demand as energy storage expands creating cars and other products not dependent on oil. This is a lethal combination. Some countries expanded their budgets without rational thought. As the economy has turned down taking demand with it, some countries are in a similar position as was Spain after the discovery of America. The spent wildly and in the process they could no longer support that lifestyle. Spain then defaulted seven times and they fell from the richest state in Europe to the poorest. This was all magically created by fiscal mismanagement. They turned against their own people when desperate for money. They employed the Spanish Inquisition ruthlessly usurping the power of the Catholic Church to justify their exploitation of their own people. Even the Pope spoke out against the Spanish Inquisition. Religion has always become the excuse in times of economic decline.

Great Persecution

When Rome began to fall during the 3rd century, became known as the Great Persecution since it was the last and most severe persecution of Christians even to take place during the Roman Empire. The year was 303AD, when the Emperors Diocletian, Maximian, Galerius, and Constantius issued a series of edicts rescinding the legal rights of Christians. They demanded that they comply with traditional Roman religious practices because the prevailing view was the gods were punishing Rome because the Christians would not acknowledge them. They also then went after the clergy ordering all inhabitants of Rome must sacrifice to the Roman gods. This persecution lasted for 8.6 years until it peaked and began to decline. Maximian issued coins depicting himself as Hercules savior of the world.
MXHERC-GFontanels cemetery Naples

It was Constantine and Licinius who issued a new Edict of Milan in 313AD has traditionally marked the end of the Great Persecution. Keep in mind that this correlated with the economic decline. Here, the people said the gods were punishing Rome since they could not attribute the decline to another empire. When there is an external enemy, then that is who will always be blamed first. If nothing else exists, then they turn against their own people singling out some group be in Christians in Rome or Jews in Germany under the Nazi movement. The he Fontanelle cemetery in Naples Italy is a reminder of the Christians put to death during the Great Persecution.

Moreover, just so it is clear, the people of Turkey and other Islam following countries are completely different regarding paths of Islam just as Catholics and Protestants, or in Judaism be it Orthodox v Reformed. Probably, the majority do not go to church these days so it is debatable to what extent religion really plays a role in the majority of people’s lives. Politicians steal regardless of their religion. Nevertheless, the elites seek power by trying to  inspire a unifying factor.

That said, what we are really talking about here is not the dream of the majority of the people, but of elites. They will do whatever it takes to make that dream reality driving the people to act in one way or another. The people are always collateral damage to achieve their goal of domination

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Contest between Islam and Christianity returns ?

Murat_1st SultanAre we headed into a new age of Islam v Christianity? What people do not grasp is that the first panic in our list of panics from which I derived the Economic Confidence Model was 1683. That was the invasion of the Ottoman Empire directly against Vienna, which was the seat of the Holy Roman Emperor resurrected following the death of Charlemagne. The First Crusade (1095–1099) was the the initiation of this religious war. However, the actual conflict between Christianity and Islam began in 1064.  The Seljuk Turks stormed Anatolia (modern Turkey), taking Caesarea and Ani. This was the beginning of the invasion of the Turks into Western culture. In Spain, King Ferdinand of Castile took on June 9 – Coimbra. Then, European warriors stormed Spain to participate to the siege of Barbastro, which Pope Alexander II first preached the Reconquista in 1063 as a “Christian emergency. This expedition is sanctioned by the Pope and was really the first Crusade despite the history books. The Crusade of Barbastro was an international expedition to take the territory from the Hudid Emirate of Lārida. The large army was composed of elements from all over Western Europe and the siege and conquest of the city thus took place in 1064. From this point in time, 309.6 years later we end in the preparation for the final peak in the Ottoman Empire.
The Ottoman Empire was founded in 1299 and had moved into Eastern Europe conquering Serbia 1389 and Bulgaria by 1396. Constantinople fell in 1453. It was during the 14th century when the Ottomans revived the still-older concept of a caliphate. They declared that the sultan and caliph were one and the same. Murad I (ruler June 1326 -June 1389) was the first Ottoman ruler to actually claim the title of Sultan 1383. The holder of the title Sultan was originally the power behind the throne of the Caliph in Bagdad. It was later used for various independent Muslim Monarchs. This title was senior to and more prestigious than that of Amir. Moreover, it was not like the title of Malik ‘King’, which was really a secular title or Shah among Persian or Iranian rulers. Murad I  actually established the former Osmanli tribe converting this into into a sultanate.
Mehmet iv

Therefore, we are looking at the resurrection of the caliphate, which began in 1383 and reached its peak in 309.6 years. by 1692. It was Sultan Mehmed IV (Sultan 1648 to 1687) who marked the peak. His ambition was to take all of Europe. On May 3, 1683, Sultan Mehmed IV entered Belgrade. Then on July 14, 1683, his 140,000-man Ottoman army arrived at Vienna and began to lay siege to the city, which was the seat of the Holy Roman Empire. Then on September 12, 1683, the Battle of Vienna took place. The Ottoman siege of the city was broken with the arrival of a force of 70,000 Poles, Austrians and Germans under Polish–Lithuanian king. This was the contest between Islam and Christianity. From that point onward, with the death of Mehmed IV in 1687, the decline and fall took shape by 1692.

This claim of the Sultan being the caliphate lasted until 1924, when Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the great modernizer, abolished the office as a relic, insisting that Turks had to build a new Turkey and not lay claim to an enervating empire, temporal or spiritual. This was covered by the magazine the Economist on March 8th, 1924. Therefore, 1924 marked the split of the Muslim world into two primary factions with the Turks and other nationalities being free of Ottoman rule, embraced Western culture.

However, the rise of ISIS is the attempt to resurrect the Caliphate. However, the  concept behind the Caliphate lies  a message of salvation through an international Muslim solidarity. The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, retains a vision  for “his” rebirth of Turkey. He dreams not only of new age of the Ottoman Empire and the former glory, but of a caliphate reborn and led by a Turk. Many suspect that he sees himself as the coming Caliph and this is greatly ignored in the West. The end of the Caliphate in 1924 was 860 years from 1064. There is a significant risk that we will end up in a religious battle by 2036 on the other side of 2032.

Friday, August 12, 2016

September is a key turning point but the Directional Changes are September, November, and January.

The Computer Projects have No Human Bias or Input

Hi Martin:
Thanks for your blog entries and daily market talk. Question: are the arrays independent of the outcomes of the USA election outcome? If they aren’t, what does Socrates forecast with each candidate winning? Thank you.
ANSWER: There is absolutely no human input whatsoever. Everything is within the system. The arrays are not dependent upon politics. That is only one of 72 models captured in the arrays. People jockey because of upcoming elections and the arrays pick that up. Over the years, I have come to understand how the computer even predicted war or the fall of Russia in 1998 no less communism in 1989. There are people who know inside info and begin to move. Back in the 1980s, one of our clients in Beirut was a major bank. They found a ledger in the basement where daily prices had been recorded on the Lebanese pound back into the 1800s. They asked if we could make a model. I said yes and they sent a courier over. We put in the data and the computer came out and said their currency and economy would collapse in 8 days. I thought that forecast was NUTS. But clients paid for what the computer said, not what I personally thought might happen. So I called them thinking there had to be a mistake. They calmly asked me what would be the best currency to move into. I told them the Swiss franc. I thought that was really strange. Exactly 8 days later the war began. Obviously they knew something was about to happen.
The same type of incident happened with the start of the Iran Iraq War. A client called the day before and said that Iran would begin to attack shipping in the Gulf the next day. I was asked what would gold do. By the time 1998 came, I understood what was going on. I had no problem standing up in our London conference and saying Russia would collapse. That of course was the Long-Term Capital Management Crisis.
DJFOR-M 5-30-2016

The arrays are 72 models all independent and the top row is the sum of everything. The Dow Array has been showing September as a key turning point but the Directional Changes are September, November, and January. We see volatility starting in August and it should pick up again in November. Yes, this seems to be picking up in sunc with the elections.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Rise in food prices after 2017

Solar Physicist Sees Global Cooling Ahead

Day AFter Tomorrow
While the government is using the global warming theory to raise taxes, the real danger is global cooling. The significance of being unprepared means that we will face a rising threat of a food shortage in the years ahead. This is the real danger of global cooling.
It does appear that we are looking at a rise in food prices after 2017. This will, in part, be caused by  weather, but we must also respect that there is rising civil unrest that typically corresponds to a reduction in food supplies