Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning

CRITICISM: The Computer has no bias or imput?
Which is impossible: a computer needs information or facts to make decisions. Unfortunately, ‘facts’ are often skewed by humans for personal or political purposes. Saying such, however, is to your advantage. If the computer is wrong, you are guiltless. If correct, you benefit as the creator of the computer. Any frequent reader of your knows that you predict every outcome and can always point to a successful one.
REPLY: You completely fail to grasp the difference between AI and standard analysis. If there were ANY human input, then I might as well retire and say you are on your own, thanks for the good times. You assume “facts” are based on human analysis and selection of what events to put in and leave out. That can never be a valid model. People act in anticipation of events before they happen. So just how do you create a fundamental input of mights and maybes?
By stepping back and allowing the computer to analyze, I have learned far more from it than I could teach the computer.
Personally, I have had a good nose for trading. But I am not infallible because I am human. Whenever I have thought something might happen, it is the computer who is correct. The computer has proven me wrong plenty of times.
Any errors I make are confined to interpretation, but your comment proves a point I have long made. There is absolutely no way everyone would ever follow the model. There will always be people who disagree for a host of reasons.
Beyond AI
Artificial intelligence has taken a giant leap forward into cognitive machine learning. We are well beyond the simplistic computer programs that were expert systems masquerading as AI.
We have crossed that threshold and embarked on a journey of creating computers that can self-generate. It can adapt and learn like a child.
Your skepticism reveals you fail to understand the advances in technology all around you. Even Google learns what you like and tailors advertisements targeted to your interests.
If any human input were skewing fundamentals, it would be worthless. I could never quit under such circumstances. Sorry, we have great supporters who understand what this journey is all about. Then we have those who really despise whatever I do because it upsets their comfortable vision of the world and how that should work.
The only reason the computer tends to be more right than wrong is rather simplistic. When you are tracking the entire world, if you are right one on segment, you have to be right across the board. Everything is connected. Sorry that you cannot see that.
Open your eyes. AI is taking over everything and I would rather have a computer analyze my symptoms than a doctor any day. Computers do not make mistakes — humans do.
Good luck.

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