Sunday, June 28, 2015

Entire cold war going into 2017


Lafontaine Oskar

Oskar Lafontaine has been a major political figure in German politics since the mid-70s. He was even chairman of the SPD (one of Germany’s two main parties) for four years, the SPD’s candidate for chancellor in 1990, minister of finance for two years, and then chairman of the Left party in the 2000s. He has called the US for its anti-Russian policies that has reignited the cold war and seriously harmed the European economy.

Nutland Victoria

The notorious US Diplomat Victoria Nuland became famous when she was caught on a telephone recording. Her language and diplomatic skills have long been questionable. She has displayed more of a nasty superiority attitude than one would assume is proper for a diplomat. Now Lafontaine has put it as blunt as it can be.

Meanwhile, the US is sending tanks and weapons to Eastern Europe. This is clearly escalating the entire cold war going into 2017.

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