Friday, July 10, 2015

Programmer will tell you it is IMPOSSIBLE to create a random number generator

China – The Bounce

SHNGHI-D 7-9-2015
COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong. Everyone knows why the bankers hate you. They say you have way too much influence. You come out and say Shanghai should bottom tomorrow and it does. Obviously, you are the man no matter what you say.
REPLY: Simply because we have a model that is pretty good in time and price does not mean that I manipulate the world by influence. That presupposes that markets can be manipulated to reverse trends and that is just impossible. Any manipulation is within the trend. You cannot stop a free-fall or a rally by influence. That has been tried countless times.
I am tired of getting blamed for everything everywhere. Our Energy model bottomed in advance as it always does below par warning it was getting oversold. The first Daily Bullish stands at 4080390 so until that is elected, we do not yet have a confirmation of a two week rally rather than a two-day knee-jerk reaction. It was 19 days down and that was right on target in time and it was our target week of July 6th.
SHNGHI-FOR-D 7-9-2015
The Directional Change was the 9th, so everything simply lined up. Blaming me for influence rather than looking at the market and saying, gee, perhaps he discovered that there is hidden order, will only prevent you from seeing reality.
Any programmer will tell you it is IMPOSSIBLE to create a random number generator. There will always emerge a cycle no matter what you do. Breaking the code is what they did in war to defeat enemies. I do the same to decipher the hidden order in market movements.
Blame me and you miss the whole reality that surrounds you.

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