Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hillary will destroy the economy with massive tax increases while protecting the banks

The Battle to Keep the Establishment in Power

That is the last time a Republican presidential convention opened without the nominee having been decided in the primaries was 1976 and the fight was between Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford. There were efforts by the establishment to stop two people they regarded as outsiders before – Barry Goldwater in 1964 and Ronald Reagan in 1976. It is looking much more difficult for Trump to nail down enough delegates to beat the Republicans at their own corrupt rules. We are more likely headed to a rigged convention and this is highly playing into the hands of the precise thing the Republicans better not do. They are sacrificing the nation for personal perks. It is not that Trump is the savior; hardly. But he would be at least a check against these people.
It seems more likely than not that they will rig the game one-way or another to stop Trump and ignore the fact why people are even voting for him because it is really a vote against the establishment. This appears likely to explode in total chaos for 2018 and as we look into the 2017-2020 time period, it appears that they will destroy the public confidence in government on a wholesale basis.
As it now stands, they will most likely hand the nomination to Cruz one way or another. Trump’s only chance would be to run to the Libertarian Party since there would be no time left to get on all the ballots as an independent. Cruz would lose against Hillary and Hillary will destroy the economy with massive tax increases while protecting the banks. It appears we are indeed sowing the seed of our own destruction. The Republicans know Social Security goes negative in 2017 so they want to blame Hillary. Meanwhile, Trump shoots himself in the foot all the time and he has the media in full blown assault against him. This is likely to really undermine the entire confidence in government especially since Cruz came out and said he would not support Trump, only himself.

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