Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Oil inventories reached an 86 year high this year and will now begin to decline

Chicago Basball
Everything has a cycle. The difference between the Triple Crown and Villanova is actually substantial. In the case of the Triple Crown, nobody won it in 31 years. You work out the cyclical pattern on the event. In the case of Villanova, the team is the basis of the cycle. Therefore, each sports team will have a different cycle. Villanova simply lined up and its time was due. The methodology between the two were entirely different. The key is what are you trying to develop a cycle on? Sports are different from the Triple Crown since there is a winner each year.
The obvious critic will say then the Cubs should win every 31 years. That is pretty shallow statement and it reflects more of a lack of understanding of cycles. Chicago won the majority of its games in 1880. It declined into 1966 winning the least amount of games completing a 86 year cycle (10 * 8.6). Then Chicago rallied for 18 years (2 * 8.6) and then declined for 16 years. It rallied against for 8 years and then fell for 4 years. Since they still won more in 2012 than they did in 1966, they remain in a trending-higher consolidation pattern which will ultimately surprise everyone and score a miracle victory.
Every team has its own cyclical pattern just like markets and politics.
BTW: Oil inventories reached an 86 year high this year and will now begin to decline.

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