Monday, February 22, 2016

BREXT on Schedule - 2016

BREXT On Schedule
QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I attended your May 1999 seminar in London. I am the person who asked you when would Britain exit the EU. You said not before 2016. Can you elaborate on how you could have possibly foreseen this event coming in June? You have won my full attention. By the way, this is now all anyone talks about in London. Exiting the EU which is overrun with Islamic terrorists.
Timing Models
ANSWER: Well, what is really fascinating is how the fundamentals FIT the forecast. It is not trying to forecast the fundamentals. I believe it is like good news in a stock in a bear market. It still declines and the excuse is it was not good enough. Fundamentals are interpreted by the mood of the trend. It is wrong to assume you need for forecast the fundamental to get the trend. It is all about the mood and how will the public receive it.
3d_text_perspective_10915PRESELECBritain entered the EU in 1973. Half the 8.6 year cycle is 4.3. It was lining up with our forecast back then that 2016 would be the first shot at a potential third party emerging or an anti-establishment trend. That forecast perhaps gained the most attention since we warned that Ross Perot 2.0 would be coming in 2016. Again, nobody can predict that it would be Donald Trump. It is not Donald Trump that is really the issue. It could be anyone. It is the timing that make such a message resonate with the population.
Additionally, if you add 86 years to 1973, there was no possible way Europe could have lasted that long until 2059. That will probably be a major political turn for Britain once again. However, it is hard to say what from this distance in time. I would suspect that it will be some sort of reorganization of Europe which could be the redrawing of borders and dramatic change in politics and could even threaten the royalty.
BIG BANG ECM 2015.75
Therefore, adding 43 years to 1973 brings us to 2016. Britain’s exit simply lined up with everything and was part of “Big Bang” we forecast to start 2015.75. Everything was lining up to start with 2015.75. Here is the slide from the 1998 world conference tour.

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