Friday, December 4, 2015

World War III & a Pipeline

To understand what is really Behind the Curtain regarding the Middle East, ISIS, Turkey, and the USA strategic attempt to reduce Russia, we must start back in 2009 when Qatar proposed a pipeline plan to Assad to send its natural gas to Europe via Saudi Arabia, Syria and Jordan. Assad refused it and this has been the entire pretend reason why the Obama Administration wanted to invade Syria. The reason for the refusal was to protect the interests of Assad’s long-time ally, Russia, which is Europe’s biggest natural gas supplier based upon all the data.
It was just one year after Qatar’s proposal, that Assad began negotiations for another pipeline plan with Iran, which would carry Iranian gas to Europe across Iraq and Syria. Russia endorsed this project since it would clearly have more control over gas flow rather that the US linked Qatar. This agreement would strategically place control of the gas flow to Europe in Russia’s hands. Consequently, the Iranian pipeline became a priority for Russia. Since Damascus and Moscow working together to block the Qatar pipeline and create the alternative Iranian pipeline, this created the seeds for World War III.
Clearly, Obama has targeted Russia from the outset. There was a meeting between Obama and Putin at the United Nations where Putin tried to get Obama on side with Syria against ISIS. Obama rejected the proposal. So when Russian forces entered Syria om the ECM Turning point to the day, this was a ominous event. Russia was not only backing the Assad regime, it was also backing the Iranian pipeline.
Russia’s economy is mostly based on its energy exports. Putin occasionally threaten European countries with cutting off the energy supply and this has been the potential that has set in motion all this chaos. While Russia has the largest gas reserves in the world, the second is actually Iran. Even Turkey is also importing some of its energy from Russia, and some from Iran. It has been buying oil at a discount from ISIS.
Therefore, with the construction of the Iranian pipeline via Iraq and Syria is completed, Europe’s dependence on Russia would continue. This was also why Obama was lifting sanction on Iran in an effort to break that alliance. Obama has been attempting to isolate Russia to prevent its control of the main energy market into Europe. This is why Russia is backing Syria, Iran and Iraq as well. Russia’s presence in Syria is aimed obviously at something more than merely supporting Assad. Russia is acting within its economic self-interest to maintain controlling its energy pipelines which also went through Ukraine. You have to understand what is going on behind the curtain to grasp the seriousness developing in Syria.
The USA is way out of line. This attack on Syria is benefiting ISIS and then Turkey is buying cheap oil from ISIS funding the very rise of terrorism. The French journalistNicolas Hénin who was a hostage of ISIS, has come out and stated that bombing Syria is benefiting ISIS. On this count, Putin is absolutely correct and the military policies of the Obama Administration are without any coherent objectives since removing Assad will hand Syria to ISIS.

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