Thursday, December 24, 2015

Year end prices -oil, gold, euro


Secondly, a closing ABOVE $35.15 for year end in oil will signal that we may not see oil collapse and that it is entirely possible that the cycle of war will kick-in going into 2017.
Additionally, a closing for gold on the nearest futures ABOVE 1044.50 will also warn that it may not be as weak at first glance given it did bottom on the first Benchmark.
A simple year-end closing below 116.40 in the Euro for year-end confirms a broader correction is in motion with the earliest potential low in 2018 with the potential to extend into 2021.
There is some very interesting posturing going on in the world markets at this time. We cannot rule out that the entire trend BEGINS to go nuts in 2017 rather than concludes at that time frame. This we are looking at more treading water moving sideways into 2017 and then everything goes nuts with major political changes, then we are looking at a much more disruptive pattern that will blow the roofs of all the temples of politics. That means we simply go nuts starting in 2017 and extending into 2021.
The closing of 2015 in so many markets will set the tone for what is about to unfold. Either way, we are looking at a major change in trend for government is losing control of the economy.

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